Series Suggestions and Updates

08 July, 2024 | Blog, Features

We are very happy to note the large NomdMania community participation in our effort to improve our Series listings. Since we implemented the system of direct suggestions two months ago, we have processed almost 2,000 suggestions, either for some corrections or in the vast majority of cases for brand new Series items. We attempt to review everything within two weeks of submission, though you may find it is much faster or, in some cases, a little slower.

Suggestions have come for a large number of countries, though leading the agenda are Poland and Portugal so far, though Vietnam has also had a fair share. We would certainly welcome new Series items for countries and especially regions that are less strongly represented. The Series with most suggestions for new items have been Religious Temples and World of Nature. In the former, we will start becoming more selective with our additions, as we do not wish this listing to grow beyond control.


New Series Wanted

We especially welcome additional input for Monuments, Well-being and Hospitality Legends (which need to be at least 80 years old and in full operation since then), which we would like to see further expanded. We are more likely to accept suggestions for out-of-the-way places with no Series listings rather than cities where we have many worthy sights already noted.

We have accepted around 80% of the suggestions put forward; sometimes we change Series category to better reflect the nature of the item. When we reject an idea, it is usually because it is either too regional/obscure for our purposes; this is especially likely to happen with Airports, for example, where we will not add small regional US airports with few flights which would result once again in an endless Series.

Market Reef

Please also feel free to send ideas for expansion of our DARE list through here. We are working to allow this directly with a DARE rubric you can choose. For DARE, please remember the nomination must be an area of land (not a building) that is noticeable obscure, far away and a geographical outlier.