GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation – This is a regulation introduced by the European Union and it came into force on May 25, 2018. The Regulation is aimed at i.a. unifying personal data protection laws across the EU.

NomadMania AMKE is a non-profit organisation registered in Greece on October 1st 2019. We comply with GDPR.

What kind of personal data does NomadMania collect?

We collect the following data about our registered users:

  • first and last name
  • date of birth and date of death
  • region of origin
  • e-mail address
  • bio note
  • Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and webpage links
  • avatar pictures and any pictures uploaded by the user
  • registration date and last activity date
  • travel details – such as visited regions, travel dates and durations, visited places etc.

Apart from the above we also use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel services for monitoring and assessing traffic at our webpage.

Who is the administrator of the data gathered by NomadMania?

The data administrator is NomadMania AMKE (Greek non-profit entity).

Who is the Data Protection Officer at NomadMania?

Our Data Protection Officer is a rotational position within our team. You can always contact us – regarding GDPR – here: 

Does NomadMania share personal data with any third parties?

The personal data entered by NomadMania registered users is publicly available throughout the webpage. In addition we also use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel – so through cookies the activity at NomadMania is shared with Google LLC and Facebook LLC.

Both Google and Facebook have updated their respective service agreements to comply with EU approved standard contractual clauses. We may also share your data with our partners and associates. You can find the full list here:

How can I update my personal data collected by NomadMania?

You can update your personal data by logging in and going to your profile page.

How can I request to delete my personal data collected by NomadMania?

Once you are logged in there is an option to delete your account at your profile page. We then retain your data for additional time (usually up to two weeks) in case you change your mind. If you require immediate deletion of your data please email us at
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