Verification of Travel Records

In our effort to establish ourselves as the most credible and reliable travel site online, we check our users in regard to the validity of provided travel information on their accounts. Thus, we have developed a special verification procedure of their travel records.

NomadMania is the only place where highly ranked travellers are verified, ensuring their travel claims are valid. We are also an authority on the people who have been to every country – check out our UN Master List.

The verification system is our way of ensuring that travellers’ claims of their regions and countries visited are true. While we accept our members’ claims, experience has shown that certain people exaggerate their travels, either deliberately or through haste and error.

A special Verification Committee has been set up to deal with all verifications.


There are three levels of verification:

  1. UN countries,
  2. NomadMania regions
  3. Supreme verification.

In all cases, a random sample of countries/regions is given (though this is more targeted for the Supreme verification), and the traveller must prove a visit, ideally through visas/stamps, boarding passes, bills and, in certain cases, photographs. Given the wide variety of profiles, the process is adapted to the traveller in question.

Travellers who pass the verification get a badge next to their profile.


Read more about each level of verification below.

UN Countries Verification

We ask for the UN countries verification from anyone who claims 193 countries or is close to it, and from anyone who is among the top 100 travellers on the NM website.

Here we typically choose 20/193 countries, randomly selected, but in practice this always includes some of the most difficult countries on the planet to visit. Geographically hard to reach, difficult visa procedures, or even closed doors for some nationalities, here we are curious how these travellers really managed to visit these ‘hermit kingdom’!

For example: North Korea (DMZ the neutral zone is not a legitimate visit on NomanMania), Turkmenistan, DR of Congo, Nigeria, Somalia (we accept Somaliland), Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Yemen etc.

When the person is verified he/she receives a badge next to their profile.


For a UN country proof there should be ideally: 

  • a visa (where applicable and requested), 
  • an entry/exit stamp (as we had cases where visas in passports were not used, so a visa per se is not sufficient proof). 

Some countries are not stamping passports any longer (Schengen countries for instance) as there is no border control for people among them. In that case, any proof that is accepted in the regional verification would be fine.

If someone arrives/leaves on the same day, we usually ask for further proof, especially in remote and exotic countries, as people could typically just go from the arrival to the departure terminal and never leave the transportation hub, like the airport of a country. In that case, they would have no further proof, no photos, no diaries etc, and the visit would be considered a transit in terms of NomadMania.

19 out of 20 UN countries requested have to be positively proven, 1 could be a mistake.

NM Regions Verification

We usually start to ask for a Regional Verification, if a traveller has more than 600 NomadMania regions under his belt, or on his/her own initiative if they have slightly less. 

Class 1 and Class 2 proofs.

In order to pass the regional verification, a candidate should have at least 45 valid Class 1 elements of proof, the rest could be Class 2. Once 56 regions are successfully proven, there will be no further questions, and the Regional verification badge can be attached to the profile.

In case of geographical mistakes, errors, exaggerated claims, the region or territory has to be deleted. If this affects more than 4 regions, we generally choose replacement regions to keep the grand total in place. We suggest that regions be deleted by the NomadMania team before the badge is awarded.


What is a Class 1 and Class 2 proof?

Class 1 would be:

  • Selfies with a prominent landmark
  • Serial photos within the region 
  • Screenshots of diaries describing the trip, ideally with date and places 
  • Bills of hotels in the name of the traveller 
  • Other bills mentioning the location and date
  • ATM withdrawal mentioning location and date
  • Any other valid and strong proof accepted by our team

Class 2 proof would be:

  • Friends certifying your trip under trustworthy conditions
  • Ordinary photos (not selfies)
  • Description of the journey with maps

Supreme Verification

We believe that an enhanced, further type of verification, which we will call ‘Supreme Verification’ can do three important things:

  • Safeguard and guarantee the NomadMania name;
  • Generate some donations by enthusiastic members;
  • Ensure dynamic, ongoing and up-to-date certification of traveller claims

Supreme Verification will ask a traveller who has already been verified, and has travelled to at least 600 NomadMania regions, to prove BOTH of: 25 UN countries and 40 NomadMania regions (compared to 20 UN countries for the first stage UN verification and 60 NomadMania regions for the first stage regional verification).

Countries and regions will not be random; rather, traditionally ‘problematic’ places – North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Trans-siberian zones etc. – will be emphasized to ensure that these have been covered.

The specially designed supreme badge will be awarded at the end of successfully passing this verification, which will need to be at no less than 95% of the total asked.

Countries and regions that cannot be proved even with oral/memory proof or which have been claimed based on a visit standard not accepted by NomadMania (see the ‘What is a Visit’ document) as satisfying a minimum visit, will need to be deleted. In that event, they will be replaced by further countries/regions, until the total of 25/40 has been achieved.

Supreme verification will be repeated every year following successful completion, with a further 5 UN countries and 5 NomadMania regions requested. Following 11 months, a follow-up supreme verification will be done. If this follow-up is not completed within 14 months of the original verification, the badge will be rescinded.

Supreme verification will only be possible for those who already have the first badges – both UN and regional. Once supreme verification is passed, the other badges will be replaced by the supreme one. At least a year needs to have passed from the last first-level verification until a supreme verification is requested.

Supreme verification will mainly be voluntary. Applicants will be requested to either make a minimum donation of $300 to NomadMania, or help NomadMania with one of its projects. However, NomadMania can require Supreme Verifications from any member, even a member who hasn’t passed first level regional verification (but has passed UN verification), if there is reason to believe that this is necessary for the credibility of NomadMania.

If you’re eligible based on our minimum verification requirements and wish to go through any verification process, please CONTACT US and choose verification topic in the form.