About NomadMania

Welcome to NomadMania, the ultimate hub for passionate travellers eager to explore the world extensively and meaningfully, venturing beyond the ordinary and obvious. Our vibrant community platform offers tools, information, and resources that empower your extraordinary adventures.

Initially launched in 2012 and re-branded in June 2017, we’re a registered not-for-profit organisation dedicated to educating about the world and helping people with limited means to travel more. We are committed to raising awareness and believe in making a positive impact through meaningful, sustainable travel that benefits both the traveller and the destination.

Our Mission is to connect independent travellers, inspiring them to go beyond the ordinary and obvious through deep, meaningful, and sustainable exploration.

NomadMania values diversity, inclusivity, and integrity and is committed to using travel as a force for good. We view travel as a transformative experience and believe in the power of travel to broaden horizons, create connections, and promote understanding.

Our Vision is to be a leading global community that encourages people to discover the diversity of the world and create a positive impact through travel.

NomadMania is the only place where highly ranked travellers are verified, ensuring their travel claims are valid. We are also an authority on the people who have been to every country – check out our UN Master List. Our travellers track their progress across a number of lists and get ideas for what to see next through our Series.

What are NomadMania’s main aims and objectives?

NomadMania’s primary goal is to be a leading, well-respected network that connects independent world travellers, encouraging them to explore the world deeply, meaningfully, and sustainably.

We aim to inspire travel beyond the ordinary and obvious, becoming a source of passion and adventure for those enthusiastic about discovering the world.

By maintaining a community of serious travellers and promoting education and awareness around travel, NomadMania strives to foster greater interest in the world and a better understanding of it, thereby making it more accessible and rewarding for all.

We also aim to:

  • provide a wealth of reliable tools, resources, and information to help travellers plan and
    execute their trips;
  • motivate and help travellers to discover new places and lesser-known countries and
  • encourage sustainable and ethical travel practices that benefit both the traveller and
    the destination.

Why was NomadMania created? Why does NomadMania exist?

NomadMania was created to connect and inspire like-minded travellers to travel more, delve deeper, and engage meaningfully. By promoting travel beyond the ordinary and obvious and being a valuable and trustworthy resource for travellers, we can help people discover new places and experiences and develop a deeper appreciation of the world.

We believe in empowering people to become impactful independent travellers, motivating them to venture outside their comfort zones, and making the world more accessible for all.

We also view travel as an effective way to engage in efforts to protect the planet, promote peace, and help those in need. And by bringing people together and helping them to see how different – yet similar – we all are, we hope to promote understanding, and ultimately contribute to a better world.

Who is NomadMania’s audience?

NomadMania’s audience includes both aspiring and seasoned independent travellers who love exploring and are curious about the world. They are serious about travel, and passionate about discovering the world in a deeper and more meaningful way, going beyond the ordinary and obvious.

These extraordinary adventurers may have already travelled significantly but want to extend this even more and find new ways to travel and connect. They often have ambitious travel goals and are keen to track where they have visited. Many are also interested in sharing their experiences with other like-minded travellers, seeking out and offering support beyond their immediate circles.

How does NomadMania differ from other organisations?

NomadMania differentiates itself from other travel organisations by having a comprehensive, holistic approach to empowering and inspiring independent travellers. This includes a focus on different aspects of travel (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) such as creating sustainable, environmentally conscious travel plans, providing safety and wellbeing guidance for travellers, building a strong network of travel mentors, buddies, and fixers, and offering educational travel thought leadership.

We also provide value to the community by offering recognition for personal travel achievements, opportunities to make a positive impact through travel, and giving coverage to underrepresented destinations and reliable operators that can help with challenging regions. NomadMania website is free to join and requires members to have a completed profile and maintain an active account.

Other key features that set us apart are a robust verification process, motivational elements such as badges, rankings, and an annual travel awards event. Also unique to NomadMania is our Masterlist of 1301 regions, a Most Quirky Places list, and comprehensive “Series” lists that provide endless inspiration to travellers.

What benefits does NomadMania provide its members?

NomadMania provides its members with a variety of valuable benefits. The main ones include:

  • a well-designed platform and supportive community offering ways to connect with other passionate travellers;
  • the convenience of being able to track one’s travels via the NomadMania website or app;
  • a unique, robust verification system that promotes integrity and credibility within the community;
  • access to a comprehensive travel knowledge library, educational resources, and travel tips;
  • tools to plan upcoming adventures and the ability to print and share travel maps and plans;
  • inspiration for one’s travels via unique features such as the NomadMania Masterlist of 1301 regions as well as the M@P or “Many Quirky Places” list, which introduces unusual and off-the-beaten-path destinations;
  • further ideas for travel through “Series” lists sorted into a wide variety of categories;
  • access to a list of vetted/recommended local tour operators, travel agents, and other service providers;
  • opportunities to attend in-person events, meet-ups, and trips with fellow adventurers;
  • recognition for extraordinary travel achievements, and exposure through the website, newsletter, and social media;
  • the ability to nominate and vote in the NomadMania Travel Awards, a unique annual event that celebrates exceptional travel efforts across a variety of categories;
  • opportunities to contribute towards projects that have a positive impact on local communities;
  • a regular newsletter featuring engaging updates, travel information, and interviews;
  • the support of a capable team that answers messages within 24 hours, ensuring a personal and responsive experience.