New Feature – Suggest Series Items

20 May, 2024 | Blog, Features

The world is full of incredible places to visit and hidden gems. We know that our amazing NomadMania community would love to share them. That’s why we have introduced a new feature for our members to suggest new locations for our very popular My Series lists! Now with just a few clicks you can suggest places that you think are worthy of inclusion.

Here is how to suggest a new series item:

The first step is to type the name of the location you would like to suggest into the ‘Add a landmark’ box and then click ‘search’.


The search will find your location on the map and automatically generate the correct NomadMania region, location name, and a link to the location on Google Maps.

Next you will want to select the correct category for your location from the Series box.

Step 2 Series suggestion


You can make your selection either by scrolling down the list of categories or by typing the name of the category you would like to select.

Series suggestion step 3


Once you have selected your category, leave us any relevant information about the location. Then you can hit submit!

Series suggestion step 4


Thank you for sending your suggestions!

We appreciate the NomadMania community’s great enthusiasm for the My Series suggestion feature. Due to its popularity, please expect a processing time of approximately two weeks for your suggestions. We look forward to seeing your submissions!