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Caucasus Explorer

Trips to the fascinating Caucasus Region!
Hey Success

A global hub for all student opportunities – internships, scholarships, conferences...
Huidas por México

Mexican magazine done by backpackers
Untamed Borders

Adventure travel to Afghanistan, the Caucasus, Somaliland and more ...
Art in All of Us

Promotes tolerance and cultural exchange throughout all 192 UN members, with art and creativity activities.


Harry Mitsidis

Founder. Global nomad, bowling, aviation, statistics, Eurovision Song Contest fan!
Wojciech Fedoruk

Executive Committee and Communications Associate. Showing the world to his children. Fan of polar regions.
Daniel Zagrodzki

IT consultant/ developer. For work - loves IT; in spare time - loves all outdoor activities.
Dragan Kabić

Associate. Joyful nihilist, refined and fastidious hedonist.
Artur Anuszewski

Executive Committee. Polish explorer and writer, especially interested in nature...
Thomas Büchler

Executive Verification Supervisor. UNESCO World Heritage Sites afficionado.
Markus Lundgren

Executive Committee. Restless traveller wanting to learn from other world views.
Valentin Sazhin

Executive Committee. A traveller from the United States.
Serhii Shostia

Graphics Designer. Open your mind and feel happiness!
Ken Ozanne

Australia Ambassador. I spend about half my time travelling.
Maarten Van Den Driessche

Belgium Ambassador. Avid aviation enthusiast, photographer, quixotic travel geek and geography nerd.
Renato Mattar

Brazil Ambassador. A travel enthusiast, a globetrotter. The world is my school.
Jack Goldstein

Colombia Ambassador. Every type of travel including very long drives.
Ramona Sanigová

Czech Republic Ambassador. Biking, mountains, pancakes & backpack!
Jorge Fernandez

Ecuador Ambassador. I like the sounds unicorns make when they run through the ocean.
Jonathan G.

France Ambassador
Mariam Kvitsiani

Georgia Ambassador. Newbie Traveller. Plans to pat a cat in every country
Dimitris Orlis

Greece Ambassador. Electrical engineer, badminton player, passionate music listener and road-tripping enthusiast.
Shloka Hemdev

India Ambassador. Global Traveller by Heart.
Meilka Dehghan

Iran Ambassador. I want to see the world with my own eyes, but show you through my lenses!
Anthony Asael

Madagascar Ambassador. World traveler and dreamer that lived 6 years in Madagascar.
Boris Kester

Netherlands Ambassador. Adventure, Beauty, Curiosity, Connect, Driven, Emotions, Genuine, Inspiration, Marvel, Passion.
Barry Brill

New Zealand Ambassador. Because New Zealand is so isolated, our people are great travellers – to everywhere.
Tor Anders Birkenes

Norway Ambassador. Globetrotter from the north exploring our wonderful planet earth.
Michał Krygier

Poland Ambassador. Fan of travel and outdoor activities: sailing, biking. Lives in Warsaw.
Đorđe Radinović

Serbia Ambassador. Lawyer & Geographer - Relentless enthusiast and explorer of Our Planet.
Wee Cheng Tan

Singapore Ambassador. Educator and world traveller. Always planning the next trip.
Dietmar Cerjak

Slovenia Ambassador. Dietmar around the world!
Carrie Stander

South Korea Ambassador. I'm an ultra-running, plant-eating, nature-loving human exploring the world.
Pablo Tierno Streich

Spain Ambassador. Constant learner, Explorer of ideas, Travel junkie, Beer aficionado.
Dimi Carl Nikolsson

Switzerland Ambassador. Swiss Emmentaler Cheese with Greek Feta roots, born and raised in Zurich, passionate about exploring new cultures, love to hike and wild camp..
Asher Groeschler

United States Ambassador. Pastry Chef, Hitchhiker, and Budget Traveler, travelling is in my blood!
Lillie Echevarria

United States (California) Ambassador. Capturing wildlife, landscapes and people thru my lense!