NomadMania App Updates Log

08 July, 2024 | Blog, Features

Recently we launched a new app. You can see all major new features of NomadMania 2.0 here. Obviously there are many things to improve. So, we welcome any suggestion from you and continue to work hard on further regular updates.

On this page we are keeping the timeline log of our app updates. 


Version 2.0.5 (08 July 2024)

  • We have developed “Friendship Functionality” in the app


Version 2.0.4 (01 July 2024)

  • We have developed the Profile Screen filling it up with the web functionality


Version 2.0.3 (20 June 2024)

  • We have brought back the Regions screen, now improved with full lists of NomadMania travellers from a Region and travellers who visited a Region.

  • We introduced a DARE place screen that works similar to the Regions screen.
  • Minor bugs and mistakes that were reported by users have been fixed


Version 2.0.2 (11 June 2024)

  • Filter options were changed for clarity
  • The UN Master ranking has now has a search function under the country drop down menu so users can search without scrolling
  • Bugs related to the trip creation function and account creation were repaired
  • NomadMania regional name errors were corrected.


Version 2.0.1 (6 June 2024) 

In response to user-generated feedback we were able to correct the section for users’ age on the profile screen.


Launch of App 2.0 (5 June 2024)

NomadMania App 2.0 was launched for both iOS and Android after years of limited improvements on the old app. See the full report here.