Meet NomadMania App 2.0

06 June, 2024 | Blog, Features

Since we initially launched our mobile app four years ago there were fairly limited improvements in this direction due to having a limited team and resources even though our web version was continuously growing with features. So, recently we made an important decision to raise the bar much higher.

The first version of the app had a basic functionality limited to exploring the map, marking regions, DARE places and series as well as saving trips. There was also a way to see the profile with all our standard metrics and achievements. It would also crashing from time to time due to its imperfect code and various bugs.

We truly believe that our beloved NomadMania community deserves much more. Therefore we are thrilled to present you the NomadMania app 2.0. IMPORTANT!

App 2.0 - store views

Over the past months, our team has been preparing big things for this year’s summer season. Our updates will bring new functionalities to our improved mobile app and many updates to our website. Here is what you can expect… 


First taste

As a first step, we made sure everything actually works. Thus, our team of developers completely rewrote the entire code from scratch, creating a solid platform for all future updates. App version 2.0 expands on what was previously possible and gives you a first taste of what’s to come.

While our old app map only showed visited NomadMania regions, our updated app has a filter to allow you to choose to view visited NomadMania regions or visited UN countries.

updated app


We have retained the profile and travel sections, making them easier to read. We also expanded the travel section to include more categories. Previously, the travel section of our app only allowed for basic viewing of the Regions, M@P (now DARE), Series, and Trips. Not only have we improved those sections, but we have now also added Countries, Earth, and Photos


updated app


We are also introducing an entirely new section to the app, the Travellers section. This contains all of the same sections from the NomadMania website: Master Ranking, UN Masters, LPI Ranking, Series Ranking, Statistics, In Memoriam, In History, and Triumphs.

updated app


Now you can actually see other travellers list in the app, sorting them by countries of origin, age and a ranking type.

NomadMania app 2.0


Eventually we expanded on the profile view which now includes this travellers visited map available also to see for other users in the app.

app 2.0


What’s Next? 

This is just the first step of the upcoming progress. In our vision we aim to equalize the functionality of the app and the web versions. For this as a next steps we have to improve some web version functionality and then raise the app to this level.

Eventually we’ll start adding many new features which you are asking us to do. There is already a long waiting list of things to implement on both web and app versions of NomadMania.


We Need Your Feedback!

Your input is invaluable to us. As we prepare for further major updates, we invite you to download the latest version of our mobile app and give it a try. If you have an iPhone download a new app here and if you have an Android update your existing app or download it here.

Obviously there are still many things to do. So, please, explore the features, note bugs, experience the improvements, and let us know what you think. Your feedback will play a crucial role in fine-tuning the upcoming releases. To give us your feedback, please contact us here.

We are incredibly excited about these updates, and hope you are too. Together, we can create an even better platform that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Stay tuned and thank you for being a part of the NomadMania community!