YES list – Years Elapsed Since

05 April, 2023 | Blog, Features

We are totally committed to serving the ‘geek’ travellers who love lists of all types – which is why we are the only one-stop shop at the moment, including all major travel lists there are in their original form.

One issue which our lists up to now don’t cover is the dynamism of travel. Have you travelled recently or a long time ago? This is where we bring in the YES list, which stands for ‘Years Elapsed Since’. Are you ready for this?

The list considers countries only, not regions, and we take 196 countries (193 and Palestine, Taiwan and Kosovo). If you have completed your year of visit to a country (which is better done through My Trips, where you create a specific trip with dates), your YES will be automatically calculated. Here is how it works.

If you visited the country in the current calendar year, your score is 0. We give you a ‘gift’ of the previous calendar year too – your score is 0 for any country visited in 2022. Then, say you visited Guyana in 2021, which is now 2 years ago: your score is 2. If your last visit to Tonga was in 2003, your score is 20.

If you have never visited a country, the score is your age – it is the number of years elapsed since you last visited, in this case, never, which is your years on the planet. Calculate all 196 scores and you get the total YES score. The lower score is the ‘best’ in the sense that it shows you are actively visiting countries closer to the current time.

We won’t calculate YES scores for people under 20 years old as their scores would be rather low based on their young age. For now, we have enabled only some scores – mainly of those who consistently use ‘My Trips‘ to record their travels – as they are the ones where last year of travel to a country is clear.

For all other travellers who use ‘quick enter’ under ‘My Regions‘, we will calculate an algorithm as an approximation (but this will not be correct!), while we will also work to enable a feature where you can list the last year you visited a country, which will serve to calculate your YES score.

Eventually, we will incorporate your YES score as a percentage to the calculation of the TBT (The Biggest Travellers) scores.

We do realise this new YES list is actually rather ‘mad’, but hey, our name is NomadMania, remember? We hope you have lots of fun with it, and, as many things on our website, you’ll get out of it what you input!

Have fun 🙂