10 Steps to Travel Sustainably

07 July, 2023 | Blog, Sustainable Travel

As people passionate about the benefits of travel, we at NomadMania are committed to helping people make the most sustainable choices when they are visiting new places. Thus we are thrilled to be partnering with a Travel Care Code Initiative.

TCCI is a group of academics and marketing folks who recognise the need to ensure travel contributed to sustainability. They use cutting-edge research and marketing techniques to spread the word.

We know from current research that many travellers want to travel responsibly, but aren’t sure where to start. For that the Travel Care Code provides  simple guidelines on how to reduce the impact of their travel on the environment.

1) Learn about your destination

Enjoy a rewarding experience by learning more about the natural environment, culture and history that make every destination unique.


2) Don’t leave your good habits at home

While traveling, continue to recycle; use water wisely, and turn off lights as you would at home.


3) Be a fuel efficient traveler

Book direct flights, rent smaller cars, and keep your own vehicle operating at maximum efficiency. Once in your destination, walk or bike as much as possible.


4) Make informed decisions

Seek out destinations or companies that engage in energy efficiency or recycling programs and that take actions to preserve their communities and natural environment.


5) Be a good guest

Remember that you are a guest in your destination. Engage with locals, but respect their privacy, traditions and local community.


6) Support locals

As a visitor, the money you spend on your trip can help support the local artisans, farmers and business owners whose livelihoods depend on tourism.


7) Dispose of waste properly

Leave a beautiful place for others to enjoy. Recycle where possible, and always dispose of your waste with care. Avoid single use plastics where you can.


8) Protect your natural surroundings

Be mindful of the plants, animals and ecosystems that you impact. Avoid feeding wildlife; stay on designated trails, and strictly follow all fire restrictions.


9) Make your travel zero emissions

As an additional step, consider the option of purchasing carbon credits to fully offset your travel’s impact on climate change.


10) Bring your experiences home

Continue practicing your sustainable habits at home, and encourage friends and family to travel with the same care.

Download the pdf file of this code where you can always refer to.

Together we can make a real difference.

“Travelers can be part of the solution – not the problem.” 

Dr. Jonathon Day, Chair of the Travel Care Code Initiative.