Embrace Sustainable Travel – A Journey That Truly Matters

30 June, 2023 | Blog, Sustainable Travel

NomadManians share a passion for travel and a drive to explore the world. We believe that it is vital to raise awareness of sustainability in the broadest sense among the travel community. After all, it is in our shared interest to protect local communities, and ensure travel will continue to be a healthy, positive dimension in our lives and those of future generations. Imagine a world where our wanderlust not only quenches our thirst for exploration but also leaves a lasting positive impact on the places we visit.

Sambawan island, Philippines

As travellers, we have the power to shape our journeys beyond fleeting moments and postcard-perfect snapshots. Sustainable travel is about making conscious choices that minimize harm to the environment, support local communities, and preserve cultural heritage. By engaging in sustainable practices, we transform our adventures into meaningful experiences that have a far-reaching ripple effect. Remember though, sustainable travel is not black or white, nor is it right or wrong.

It is about consciously doing what is in our power to minimize our negative impacts and maximise our positive ones.

Sustainable travel invites us to be conscious custodians of our environment. By opting for eco-friendly accommodations, reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable transportation options, and embracing practices that minimize harm to the natural world, we become advocates for the preservation of our delicate ecosystems. Our choices can help create a more resilient planet and preserve destinations for posterity.

The key to making our travels sustainable is to be more aware of the way we travel in various ways. Sustainable travel calls us to embrace the rich diversity of cultures, forging connections that transcend borders and languages. To travel should not only be about observing people and places, rather about participating in activities with those who live where you visit. By engaging with local communities, supporting fair trade practices, and valuing the intangible treasures of traditions, we become ambassadors for cultural preservation. Through these interactions, we contribute to the collective wisdom of our global heritage.

Maasai Jumping Dance in Serengeti, Tanzania

Sustainable travel is an invitation to be intentional in making a positive impact on the communities we encounter. For example, by choosing locally owned accommodations and restaurants and supporting social enterprises, we empower local economies and create opportunities for marginalized communities to thrive.

As travellers, we are in a position to be catalysts for change and through our experiences, we have the potential to cultivate a sense of responsibility that extends far beyond our travel itineraries. We become ambassadors, sharing our stories and learnings while inspiring others to embark on their own journeys.

To our fellow NomadManians, remember that we always have the choice to use travel as a force for good. You are welcome to embrace sustainable travel as an opportunity to leave a positive legacy – that of conservation, cultural appreciation, and community empowerment. Let us embark on this transformative adventure together, for in doing so, we contribute to shaping not only our own destinies but also the future of our world that we all love to explore.

Sustainable Travel Advocacy Committee

Dondon Bales is the Head of the NM Sustainable Travel Advocacy Committee based in Australia. He published a travel book and founded the Filipino World Travelers group. He’s been a sustainable travel panel speaker for a government-organised travel trade event and a journal article writer on purposeful travel in a conference for global transformation.

Anna-Katri Räihä has visited all the countries in the world as the first Finnish woman. She has a master’s degree in environmental economics and has worked for 15 years in environmental and sustainability consulting. In her award winning social media channels, she wants to inspire people to explore the world in a more meaningful way.

Boris Kester has visited all the countries in the world and is convinced that sustainability in the broadest terms should be high on the agenda of the (extreme) traveler community, as in the long run, this is vital for travel. This Dutchman is the author of The Long Road to Cullaville, currently writing his second book which will have sustainability as one of the themes.

Billy Offland is the youngest verified UN Master and is always travelling with a focus on biodiversity. Based in the UK with a degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management, he works in putting environmental communications in film & TV. He has an idea of what’s coming and is trying to help us avoid it as coral reefs are properly amazing.

Gunnar Garfors has visited all the countries in the world – twice. The Norwegian author has written several documentary books and is currently researching one about how people living alongside the equator and the arctic circle are affected by climate change.

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