Syria Tour (May 18-25, 2024)

14 December, 2023 | Blog, Tours

[Now fully booked; alternative departure early June 2024]

NomadMania proposes an enthralling 8-day journey through Syria, inviting travellers to immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of one of the world’s oldest civilisations.

This tour offers an intimate glimpse into the heart of Syrian heritage, combining historical exploration with unique local experiences which are a uniquely NomadMania take on how to travel – things like visiting a school for deaf children, having a cooking master class or an arak factory which are unlike what most Syria tours offer and of course we have karaoke!

Read on! An extremely competitive price for a Syria itinerary – and remember NomadMania does not charge a mark-up (but we do appreciate donations).

Bosra, Syria – Photo by: Gilles Goepfert


Itinerary (May 18-25, 2024)


Day 1: Arrival in Damascus

  • Highlights: Airport pickup, transfer from Beirut to Damascus.
  • Activities: Visit the iconic Umayyad Mosque, stroll through ancient Souks, and explore Al-Moustakim Street and St. Ananias Church.
  • Evening: Karaoke night in Old Damascus.
  • Accommodation: Overnight in Damascus.


Day 2: Damascus to Busra

  • Morning: Breakfast and visit to an oriental sweets factory.
  • Afternoon: Explore Busra Al Sham, home to a magnificent Amphitheater, a World Heritage Site.
  • Evening: Return to Damascus.
  • Accommodation: Overnight in Damascus.


Damascus before war – Photo by: Uğur Demircan


Day 3: Maaloula and Mashtaye

  • Highlights: Visit Maaloula, a unique village where Aramaic is spoken.
  • Activities: Explore monasteries and participate in local wine-making.
  • Accommodation: Overnight in Al-Mistaya.


Day 4: Krak des Chevaliers and Rabah

  • Morning: Visit the medieval Krak Des Chevaliers castle.
  • Evening: Experience Bedouin culture and overnight in Rabah.


Day 5: Aleppo

  • Highlights: Explore Aleppo, including the Citadel and a school for deaf children.
  • Evening: Traditional Syrian dinner and music.
  • Accommodation: Overnight in Aleppo.


Old Town Damascus – Photo by: Alexander Makarin


Day 6: Apamea and Hama

  • Activities: Visit a soap factory in Aleppo, explore Apamea, and witness Hama’s water wheels.
  • Accommodation: Overnight in Hama.


Day 7: Homs

  • Highlights: Cooking Masterclass with a local family.
  • Sightseeing: Church of the Belt of Virgin Mary and Khalid Bin Al-Walled Mosque.
  • Accommodation: Overnight in Homs.


Day 8: Departure

  • Morning: Free time in the city of Homs.
  • Afternoon: Transfer to the border for departure.

Add-ons on demand (extra days after May 25): Palmyra and possibly Golan Heights from the Syrian side (Quneitra).


Amphitheatre, Bosra Nov, 2022 – Photo by: Steve Newcomer


Accommodation Details:

  • 2 nights in Talisman Hotel, Damascus.
  • 1 night each in Al Wadi Hotel, Mashtaye; Lauros Hotel, Aleppo; Lois Inn Hotel, Homs; Rabah Hotel, Rabah; Afamia Hotel, Hama.



  • US $1050 in single rooms Bed & Breakfast – some meals included but food cost is extremely low.


Damascus, Syria – Photo by: Prsicila Perianez


  • Transfers from/to Beirut.
  • Accommodations with breakfast.
  • All transportation during the tour.
  • Entrance fees and guided tours.
  • Security clearance for visa on arrival.



  • Visa fees at borders.
  • Special requests, tips, lunch, and dinner.


Important Notes:

  • Security clearance process takes approximately 7-15 days.
  • Payment in cash upon arrival in Syria.
  • Due to financial restrictions in Syria and Lebanon, ensure sufficient cash for the trip.
  • The tour will be run by our NomadMania Award-Winning Fixer, Fadi Assi who won the Most Trusted Local Fixer award at our NomadMania 2023 Travel Awards 


Fadi Assi, our 2024 Syria tour guide and recipient of our Most Trusted Local Fixer award


How to Join

Join this remarkable tour for an unforgettable exploration of Syria’s historical wonders and living traditions. To show interest or for more information, contact us at

Please note that we will accept a maximum of 12 participants on this trip; should there be very high demand, a second trip may be run but we will not increase the group size.