Aland Islands Tour (June 5-9, 2024)

07 December, 2023 | Blog, Tours

Join NomadMania on an extraordinary 5-day tour to the Aland Islands, covering all three NomadMania DARE regions. This will include the fascinating Märket Reef. This trip offers a unique opportunity to explore these distinctive areas, although flexibility is key due to weather conditions affecting Märket Reef access.

It will be an enchanting journey through this Finnish territory, not part of the EU, blending natural beauty with cultural insights and the allure of the archipelago’s most intriguing spots.

NomadMania Aland Islands TourAland Islands


Day 1 (June 5th)

Start your journey in the afternoon, departing from Stockholm and heading towards the charming Mariehamn. Arrive late and settle into your first night in Mariehamn, soaking in the island’s tranquility.


Day 2 (June 6th)

Set out on a day trip to Market Reef, a unique islet shared by Finland and Sweden Brace for an exciting visit to this weather-dependent spot, with plans to retry on the following days if needed.

Market Reef will be a destination on our Aland Islands Tour and is a DARE regionMarket Reef


Day 3 (June 7th)

Embark on a full-day excursion to Kumlinge, a captivating island in the Aland islands’ outer archipelago and a Kumlinge region. Explore its unique landscapes and immerse yourself in the local culture.


Day 4 (June 8th)

Set off for Kökar, the southernmost island of the Aland archipelago and a DARE region. Gear up for an adventurous ride to this distant but mesmerizing destination, dedicating your day to uncovering its tranquil beauty.

Kökar will be a destination on our Aland Islands TourKökar


Day 5 (June 9th)

If the previous days’ explorations have been successfully completed, the final day will focus on further discovering Mariehamn. You’ll get to visit key attractions like the Maritime Museum and the Museum of the Aland Islands. The return journey to Stockholm is scheduled to begin around 2 pm, aiming for an evening arrival by 7 pm.



This Aland Islands Tour transcends a typical travel experience, offering an exploration of lesser-known gems that perfectly blend adventure, culture, and natural beauty.

The estimated cost for the Aland Islands Tour will be confirmed later, but you can expect an approximate price of 500 euros per person for a shared room.

For more details and to secure your spot on this unique adventure please, contact us.