Report from NomadMania meeting in Melbourne

17 May, 2024 | Blog, Events

On Tuesday, May 14, 2024, Melbourne played host to an extraordinary gathering of world travellers at the NomadMania Meeting. Held at the iconic Mail Exchange Hotel from 6pm to 10pm, the event was a lively assembly of global exploration and community. Organized by NomadMania Australia co-envoys Dondon Bales and Yan Pun, the meeting brought together adventurers from various other travel groups, including Couchsurfing and Filipino World Travelers.

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The evening was marked by lively discussions, networking, and sharing of travel stories. There were a staggering 34 attendees who had the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for discovering new destinations and cultures.


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The event was further highlighted by the presence of Ian Cumming, the founder of Travel Massive. Ian, along with his crew, brought an extra layer of excitement to the gathering. Travel Massive is known for bringing together leading travel brands, bloggers, startups, and travel insiders, fostering a platform for innovation and collaboration within the travel community. This meeting provided a fantastic opportunity for NomadMania to collaborate with Travel Massive.


Dondon Bales, Ian Cummings, and Yan Pun at the Melbourne event.

Furthermore, the NomadMania meeting explored important discussions on travel-related topics such as sustainable tourism practices and responsible travel. These conversations added depth to the event, highlighting the significance of conscientious exploration.


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As the night progressed, the Mail Exchange Hotel buzzed with excitement and the exchange of travel tips and experiences. The NomadMania Meeting in Melbourne was more than just a social event. The gathering undoubtedly left everyone inspired and eager for their next journey.


Melbourne Event Report


We extend our gratitude to our envoys, Dondon Bales and Yan Pun, for organizing this incredible gathering. Their dedication made this event unforgettable. Stay tuned for upcoming NomadMania events and adventures! You can look for our upcoming events in our calendar.