Report from the First NomadMania Envoy Meeting in San Francisco

04 March, 2024 | Blog, News

The first of what will be many NomadMania Envoy meetinngs took place on Friday, March 1st in San Francisco. Hosted by NomadMania’s Envoy for Western US & Alaska, Lucy Hsu, the evening took place at Toy Soldier in the centre of the vibrant city. Aimed to be a place which would suit every budget and therefore welcome everybody, the venue allowed the considerable group the space and privacy to truly interact.

The founder of NomadMania, Harry Mitsidis, was present, as were another 5 travellers with more than 180 countries visited. Watch a short video conversation between Harry and Lucy reflecting on the meeting (also available on our YouTube).


Despite the pouring rain, 23 diverse travellers joined in what was a relaxed evening of getting to know each other and furthering the community. Here is a list of our participants:

  1. Harry Mitsidis
  2. Cedric Shostia
  3. Lucy Hsu
  4. Romaine Welds
  5. Sibu Szymanowska
  6. Jeanie Wang
  7. Jason Wang
  8. Michael Huan
  9. Andrina (AJ) Ong
  10. Samer
  11. Kristine Yuen
  12. Phil Marcus
  13. Charles V.
  14. ⁠JoAnn
  15. ⁠Glen
  16. ⁠Victor
  17. Vehab
  18. Todd
  19. Melanie
  20. Brian
  21. Zara
  22. ⁠Sami

Each of them receive a special badge on their profile certifying participation in our events.

The enthusiastic group of all levels of experience exchanged riveting travel stories. The ones just starting on their global explorations were especially eager to discover more about the world and other people’s experiences.

With a roughly equal number of women and men and a very wide diversity in terms of ethnicity as well as age, this joyous gathering was a manifestation of the welcoming spirit of NomadMania.

Lucy is sure to host multiple events in the future for the area under her jurisdiction, and this promises to be the start of many NomadMania meetings across the globe in the next months…


NomadMania is setting the stage for a series of gatherings around the world. Keep an eye on our event calendar, and who knows? The next NomadMania Envoy meeting could be in your city!


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