NomadMania Meeting in Shanghai 🇨🇳

Saturday, March 9th

5:00 PM

Sichuan Citizen

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Your Hosts

Milana Bojinović

Katherine Wei 🇨🇳

NomadMania’s Local Envoy for China & Mongolia

Milana Bojinović

Eugenio Bregolat 🇪🇸 🇨🇳

Supreme Envoy for Asia, Australia and Pacific

Milana Bojinović

Chunyan Zhang 🇨🇳

Chinese Solo Female Traveller

Milana Bojinović

Orest Zub 🇺🇦

Managing Partner of NomadMania

Exciting Travel destinations of 2024

Join us for the first NomadMania Meeting in Shanghai to discuss most exiting travel destinations of the new 2024 year in China and beyond.

This is also a chance to meet other travellers in the most cosmopolitan city of China, share travel stories and get inspiration for a new upcoming adventures. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Collage of Globetrotters: Diverse faces of people who have traveled to every country in the world.

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