Survey – Women in Travel: Perspectives and Attitudes

05 March, 2024 | Blog, Polls

NomadMania believes in equality and diversity. We have tried to focus and highlight these values over the past years. Our vision and mission are based on these pillars. But there are always new lessons to learn; we are therefore curious to investigate things further.

Women constitute 50% of the world and 50% of potential travellers and yet we believe they may be underrepresented in both the travel world and in our own travel communities.

The aim of this survey is to discover both some of the attitudes of women themselves as travellers, and to investigate how men perceive women as travellers. The results of this poll based on YOUR responses will be presented at the end of March in a report.

We recognise that gender is a very complex issue. Nevertheless, for the purposes of this survey, we ask you to decide whether you identify as a woman or a man; your choice will lead you to different surveys. If you are non-binary and don’t identify as either male or female, we ask you to consider making a choice purely for the sake of this exercise; the poll is obviously voluntary, so nobody needs to participate if they don’t feel comfortable to.

Voting in this poll is now officially closed. Stay tuned for the results announcement!


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