Travel Book Poll Results

29 September, 2023 | Blog, Polls

This September, we at NomadMania launched a special focus on travel books, taking us on a literary journey to various corners of the world. One highlight was our Travel Book Poll, aimed at understanding our community members’ reading habits.

It is evident our members cherish reading as much as they love traveling. This poll has furnished us with insightful data, illustrating the beautiful interplay of literature and travel in our community.

Now, as we conclude Travel Book Month, we are eager to share our discoveries. Let’s delve into the findings and see how the books we read enrich our exploratory spirit.


1. Volume of Reading Material:

We inquired about the number of books or e-books our members delve into over a certain period.

The data reveals a balanced spread in reading frequency among our community members with a notable 36.7% reading between 0-5 books annually, while 26.7% engaging with 21+ books. This shows a diverse engagement with literature which can be further explored to tailor our recommendations and community discussions.


2. Travel-Related Reading Material:

Our aim was to gauge the portion of travel-related reading material consumed in comparison to other genres.

A whopping 74.4% of our members read between 0-5 travel-related books annually, indicating that while travel is a shared passion, the reading habit varies considerably; much fewer people read travel books than read books in general. In other words, travel books in general are a small percentage of the total reading volume of our travellers. This insight can guide our future initiatives to foster a richer engagement with travel literature.


3. Preferred Genres of Travel-Related Books:

Our members have diverse interests. We aimed to identify which types of travel-related books resonated most with them.

It is compelling to see a relatively even spread across the different genres, with a slightly higher inclination towards personal travel experiences (31.2%) and a much smaller engagement with fiction that has a strong sense of place. This could reflect a desire for authentic experiences and storytelling within our community.


4. Noteworthy Travel-Related Titles:

We invited members to share up to three travel-related titles that have left a lasting impression on them.

Over 100 unique books were suggested, reflecting a rich diversity in reading preferences. Titles ranged from historical narratives like “1066 and Rather More” by Huon Mallalieu to personal travel chronicles like “In Asia” by Tiziano Terzani.

There were also explorations of mystical places as seen in “Shambhala” by Nicholas Roerich and adventures narrated in “Wind, Sand and Stars” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Markham’s “West with the Night” and Twain’s “The Innocents Abroad” were noted for their classic travel narratives, while contemporary tales like “The Impossible First” by Colin O’Brady and “Terra Incognita” by Sara Wheeler were appreciated.

Fictional yet evocative journeys were described in “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien and “Kim” by Rudyard Kipling. Lastly, travel challenges were humorously narrated in “Beating the Moldovans at Tennis.”

This provides a rich repository for members seeking reading inspiration.


5. Reading Environments:

Understanding where our members usually read helped us delve into their reading habits.

Most members prefer reading at home (34.2%), but a good number read regardless of place (21%). This indicates a level of flexibility in when and where our members dive into a good book. Interestingly, fewer people read while travelling!


6. Actions Post Reading:

We were curious to know what actions, if any, our members take after reading a travel-related book.

After reading a travel-related book, 34.4% of our members are likely to read another book by the same author, and 32.6% would recommend the book to friends. This shows a tendency towards sharing and continuing to explore authors who resonate with them.


7. NomadMania’s Resonance:

We introduced NomadMania within the discussion to comprehend its influence on our members’ travel and reading experiences.

The data reveals a mix of excitement and intrigue (totalling 70%), reflecting a positive anticipation towards NomadMania’s appearance in a book title.



This exploration provides a fascinating glimpse into the reading habits of our members, offering a unique perspective on how literature and travel intermingle in our community.

The collective narrative that emerges from this poll not only deepens our appreciation for travel literature but also fortifies the essence of shared exploration that defines NomadMania.

Thank you for being a part of our book poll! 🙂