Patreon Program Relaunch

16 June, 2023 | Blog, News

We’re excited to announce that we’re reviving our Patreon project, an essential piece of our pursuit of improving NomadMania constantly. But before we dive into the details, let’s discuss how vital your continuous support has been and how much it will help NomadMania in the future.

NomadMania has always been and will continue to be a free-to-join community. We’ve been a registered non-profit organisation in Greece since October 2019. While our aspirations outweigh our means, any extra help we get lets us keep doing our work without cutting corners. That’s why we started using Patreon.

NomadMania Patreon

For those new to Patreon, it’s a powerful crowdfunding platform that allows creators to breathe life into their projects by directly supporting patrons who believe in their mission. It’s a digital canvas where ideas meet funding and dreams encounter the means to come alive.

Highlights from our Journey

We’ve learned a lot from our Patreon journey. Our Scholarship Fund, created from generous donations from patrons like you, is a great example. Let’s recall the journey of Arlene and Ineza, two ambitious law students from Rwanda. Our travel scholarship gave them their first global exploration experience, a trip through Tanzania, including the busy streets and peaceful beaches of Dar es Salaam and the magical island of Zanzibar, and a visit to Nairobi, Kenya.

Their story is more than a travel adventure. It shows the power of travel to change lives and create cross-cultural dialogues. As a NomadMania patron, you help craft such narratives, making travel more accessible and nurturing a more inclusive and diverse world of exploration.

Arlene and Ineza in Nairobi

Nairobi, a stopover for Arlene (far right), Ineza (second from right) & friends

Our Road Ahead

We find ourselves at an exciting moment at NomadMania, where transformation is not just a vision but an experienced reality. Our team has recently welcomed new talents, injecting fresh energy and perspectives into our collective. This infusion has accelerated our pursuit of ambitious ideas, fueling our desire to enhance your experience with NomadMania.

With the dynamic NomadMania partner Orest Zub at the helm of operations, Eugene Petrus driving our marketing vision, and a devoted and hardworking Executive Committee, we are excited to redefine our boundaries. But, to reach our ambitious goals, we need your continued support.

Your contributions will help us:

  • Add new features to our website and mobile app and improve user experience
  • Enhance unique travel experiences through our Series and M@P
  • Organise meaningful events for community members
  • Develop NomadMania awards further
  • Enhance NomadMania visibility on social media

Welcoming Change

As a growing community of explorers, we are committed to our patrons. We believe that Patreon is about more than funding. It’s about building a solid relationship with you. In this spirit, we’re enhancing our presence on Patreon to build deeper connections, engage more, and ensure our communications are meaningful. As a NomadMania supporter on Patreon, you are not merely a bystander. Instead, as a crucial player, you step into our vibrant, travel-loving family, enabling us to move forward faster while getting well-thought benefits.

We are introducing a new tier system that is a testament to our goal of inclusivity. We’ve created a range of tiers with unique benefits to match different levels of financial contributions and engagement preferences. In short, these tiers show our aim to grow together, empowering each one of you to shape NomadMania’s future and become part of our collective success story. And to recognise your commitment, we are introducing amazing supporter badges for the NomadMania profile.

Let’s delve deeper into what each tier offers:


Supportive Nomad (5€)

As a Supportive Nomad, you embark on a shared journey, becoming an integral part of our global family. The Bronze supporter badge on your NomadMania profile – is our appreciation token for your support.


Curious Nomad (15€)

As a Curious Nomad, you gain exclusive insights into the future of NomadMania, playing a direct role in developing our mission.

These are your benefits:

  • Silver supporter badge on the NomadMania profile
  • Sneak peeks at new projects and features
  • Early registration for NomadMania events
  • Your name on a dedicated webpage


Collaborative Nomad (40€)

As a Collaborative Nomad, you enjoy a closer relationship with our team and community. You not only partake in our journey but also co-create our shared narrative.

These are your benefits:

  • All benefits from the previous tier
  • Gold supporter badge on the NomadMania profile
  • Priority in proposing Travel Series and new features
  • Access to exclusive Q&A sessions with the NomadMania team
  • Your name with picture and social media links on a dedicated webpage


Ultimate Nomad (100€)

As an Ultimate Nomad, your travel narratives are of prime importance. Therefore, we celebrate your journey with exclusive verification of travel records to emphasize your travel stories.

These are your benefits:

  • All benefits from previous tiers
  • Diamond supporter badge on the NomadMania profile
  • Exclusive verification of travel records with a physical certificate (after six months of support)
  • Annual shipment of Diamond Supporter Pack with NomadMania merch (after six months of support)
  • Your name with picture, bio, and social media links on a dedicated webpage

Special Offer: Your Name in a Book

We have an extraordinary offer to celebrate our Patreon relaunch. If you join the top two tiers (40€ & 100€) by the 15th of July, you’re in for a unique treat. How about being part of a book? Harry Mitsidis, the founder of NomadMania, is writing a new book ‘The NomadMania Murders’, set to be published in August. In a delightful twist, he offers to include patrons’ names as characters in his book!

This is an exceptional opportunity to see your name in a travel detective. Don’t miss this exciting chance to be part of the NomadMania narrative in a truly unique way!

Join our Patreon!

At NomadMania, we believe in the power of community and shared experiences. So we’re grateful to our current supporters. And we invite new patrons to join our shared journey with NomadMania, hand in hand, heart in heart.

Fuel our non-profit mission to connect, inspire, and empower global explorers.

Let’s shape the future of travel and exploration together at Patreon!

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