NomadMania adds MTP scores

21 February, 2023 | Blog, News

This month’s main addition is including the new MTP scores in our listing. As we have done for a long time now, NomadMania aims to present all the main travel lists out there so you can have them all under one roof. With the kind permission of the founder of MTP, Charles Veley, we have had that list on NomadMania as of 2018. MTP’s recent addition of NomadMania’s regions has taken its total to 1500 and we now follow suit.

Please note your MTP score will not be correct! While mostly automated, you will still need to go through every NomadMania megaregion under ‘My Regions‘ and then check your visited regions in the MTP list – if any – which do NOT correspond exactly to NomadMania regions. These additional MTP regions are at the bottom of each megaregion list.

MTP regions such as England-Cornwall or Cook Islands (southern) or even the Sovereign Military Order of Malta may be among the more visited ones. Once you have completed that, you should have your correct MTP score.

Apart from this, you will also find a new classification of travellers on our UN Masters List.

Our newly re-organised UN Masters List

Our UN Masters includes everyone we know of who has been to all 193 United Nations members, as well as those who are extremely close to the goal. For every person, we try to present as many online links as we can find, including social media links, interviews, Wikipedia mentions or published books. We have recently increased the number of books we input to two, so if you are an author and want your book linked, please let us know.

We decided to reorganise this list, in tandem with our new, stricter rules and in anticipation of the launch of our Golden verification, which we expect to launch present as of the spring. While you can sort travellers by country of origin or year of completion (if these are known), the default setting sorts people into 10 categories.

As is only fair, the first three are reserved for our members; those verified for both UN countries and NomadMania regions; then those only verified for UN countries, and finally those who have yet to be verified. If you wish to be verified and go ‘up’ a rank, please just contact us.

We then list those with a personal website and those with a media reference that we know of, and then we have changed things recently to include those with a more or less ‘certain’ confirmation that they have visited 193 even though there is no online media reference. Those who have sadly passed away conclude the end of the numbering, in other words, these are the ones we feel comfortable confirming – and as so many are focused on numbers, this currently means 246 people.

The remaining categories are those who we only have a rumour or an (oral) source about but nothing more; then those who we believe have not done the feat in a way that NomadMania accepts based on our new considerations of ‘what is a visit’. Finally, we give credit to those who are close to the goal (those who have 186 countries or more) and a short section for a couple of travellers who were really close to achieving this amazing feat.

Our UN Masters List is only as good as the information we get. So, we rely on you to fill in the blanks… please share what you know!

Meanwhile, we have upgraded one of our favourite features – our rolling maps!

The progressive map along with the progressive count!

Let’s look at the maps of our founder, Harry Mitsidis and scroll back 21 years to 2002 – and yes, he had not even been to Australia yet! The innovation here is that the regional counter will now move along with the map. That means you can see exactly how many regions you had been to at the end of the year in question. Cool, no?

Obviously for this to work, you will need to add the year of the first visit to a region. If you use My Trips, then by definition you would have to do that. But if you have used ‘quick enter’ then you can manually choose the year of the visit by editing each region. We would say that these maps and scores certainly justify the added effort!