NomadMania on the ‘Off The Beaten Tracks’ festival, Budapest

24 November, 2023 | Blog, Events

During the weekend of November 18-19, we participated in the largest annual travel festival in Hungary – Jaratlan Utakon, which stands for ‘Off The Beaten Tracks’. This year, Jaratlan Utakon attracted almost 2,000 participants, which is a rather significant number for Hungary.

Besides being a really huge event, this year the organizers invited a few English-speaking presenters. We were fortunate to be among those guests. Our managing partner, Orest Zub, delivered a presentation on ‘How to Visit Ukraine During the War’ based on our recent NomadMania Ukraine Tour & Travel Awards.

Check out this practical travel manual in this video.

It was great to participate in such a vibrant and positive event. Many of Hungary’s biggest travelers could be spotted there too. Check them out on our Master List.


The founder of Jaratlan Utakon is Gabor Csonka, who is currently ranked second on NomadMania’s Master List among Hungarians. He is also the author of travel blog

(Reka and Gabor in the middle)

But it would not be possible to run such a complex event without the main organizer Réka Kelemen. Overall over 60 speakers talked about dozens of destinations and travel experiences all around the globe.

It would be great to visit more of such niche national events in other countries. Here are a few more pictures from this indeed travel celebrations.

Let us know if something similar is happening around. We’ll be happy to join. Happy travels.