NomadMania Event Guidelines

18 July, 2023 | Blog, Events

Welcome to the NomadMania events, where passionate travellers gather, share experiences, and develop meaningful connections. Hosting a NomadMania event is a testament to your commitment to the independent travel community, an opportunity to broaden networks, and a chance to promote our shared values.

This guide outlines the step-by-step journey towards creating an engaging and impactful event.

Before the Event


Topic and Venue Selection

Choosing an engaging topic and a safe, accessible venue are your first crucial steps. The topic should spark lively discussions among travellers, while the venue must offer a safe and inclusive space for people of all nationalities and lifestyles. It can be a simple gathering to have a drink or a real conference with multiple speakers.

The format is up to you. Remember, commercial or promotional events do not align with the ethos of NomadMania. However you can charge a small fee to cover the venue rent and additional administrative expenses. We suggest such a fee should not exceed 10-20 EUR.


Contacting the Team

Once you’ve chosen a topic and venue, it’s time to reach out to the NomadMania team. We will create your event on the NomadMania webpage, provide guidance and support, and supply needed branding materials. Here is a page of a meeting in Warsaw for example.


Event Promotion

Effective promotion is vital to a successful event. The NomadMania team will lead in advertising your meeting through our platform, newsletters, and social media channels. However, as a host, your insights into local networks are invaluable. We encourage you to boost our efforts by promoting the event through social media and local channels, like travel clubs or online forums.


Application and Communication

Ensure all applications for your event are processed through the NomadMania webpage. This ensures a structured, traceable system and increases participant safety. Clear and timely communication is paramount. Keep your attendees updated on event details and changes, creating a solid foundation of trust and anticipation.


Preparation and Scheduling

The logistics behind your events are vital to its smooth operation. Establish an event schedule, prepare necessary materials, and set the stage for the event. If needed, you may seek sponsorships or partnerships to support your event if they align with NomadMania’s values.

During the Event


Facilitation and Engagement

As a host, you’re more than a coordinator – you’re the heartbeat of the event. You guide discussions, manage the schedule, and foster a vibrant atmosphere. Encourage attendees to share their travel stories, insights, and tips, and promote a spirit of mutual learning and networking.


Brand Representation

Upholding the NomadMania brand throughout the event is essential. Kickstart the event with a brief presentation on NomadMania, which we’ll provide. This serves as an introduction to our values, mission, and the latest community news. We’ll also provide you with the NomadMania banner and other branding materials to maintain the consistency of our brand identity during the event.


Social Media Sharing

Amplify your event’s reach by encouraging live social media sharing. This helps promote the event to a wider audience, allows participants to engage with their own networks, and adds an extra layer of interaction to your event.


Inclusivity and Safety

NomadMania is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community. Ensure all attendees feel welcomed and respected, regardless of gender, race, nationality, or travel experience. As the host, it’s your responsibility to provide a safe environment where inappropriate behaviour, discrimination, or harassment are strictly forbidden.

After the Event


Post-Event Report

We value learning from each event to serve our community better. As a host, you must submit a report to the NomadMania team, including an event summary, attendee list, and any notable discussions or feedback. Photographs from the event will also significantly contribute to our content library for social media channels.


Participation Badges

To acknowledge event participants, we award a unique badge to any member who attends a NomadMania event within a year. Displayed on their NomadMania profile, this badge distinguishes active community members and encourages others to participate in events.


Thank you for considering the responsibility of hosting a NomadMania event. Each event brings us all closer, creates unforgettable memories, and solidifies the bonds of our community. We can’t wait to share this journey with you, growing and celebrating our community of travellers together.

Please, contact us if you want to host a event and let’s start our preparation 🙂

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