Jakarta Meeting Report

26 June, 2024 | Blog, Events

NomadMania held its first ever meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Tuesday the 11th of June 2024.  The meeting was hosted by Tim Astandu, NomadMania Envoy for South East Asia at a popular local coffee shop named Common Grounds Ground Zero. 

The venue was aptly named as on June 11th it transformed into ground zero for a gathering of some of Indonesia’s most prominent travelers.  It was easy to find common ground among all the participants who met for the first time in person as we all loved to explore the world. 

Jakarta meeting

A lot of interesting stories and travel resources were shared throughout the night.  A prolific author shared how she published sixteen travel guides, a nomad who used to grow cantaloupe shared tales of exploring Afghanistan without a plan, while the family of a missionary shared how she visited islands so remote that most Indonesians would not be able to find the islands on a map. 

At the time of writing, there are only 19 registered Indonesians on NomadMania.  This meeting was a great opportunity to introduce NomadMania to seasoned travelers and to spread awareness to various local travel communities. Hopefully this event will serve as the starting point of a burgeoning NomadMania community in Indonesia, South East Asia, and beyond!