Introducing the new ranking – DEEP

26 January, 2024 | Blog, Features

Many people in the travel community often express concerns that lists and rankings such as NomadMania’s UN Master List tend to emphasize quantity over quality. At NomadMania, we cherish those who dare to travel to every country in the world. We understand though that sometimes collecting countries leads to what some might call a superficial approach to travel. 

We believe that travel is not just about the number of stamps in your passport, but about the depth and richness of the experiences you gather along the way. This was one of the reasons we introduced SLOW Travel List last year. In our ongoing commitment to promote sustainable and meaningful travel, we are excited to introduce a new feature to our platform: DEEP – Definite Exhaustive Exploring Proportion.



What is DEEP?

DEEP is a unique metric that represents the ratio of visited regions to countries. It’s calculated simply and automatically:

DEEP = Visited Regions​ / Countries Visited

This innovative score is not just a number. It’s a testament to the depth of your travel experiences. It’s particularly insightful for those who may not have visited many countries but have explored extensively within each destination, often a feat achieved within larger countries.


Rankings on Profiles

Your NomadMania profile will now include rankings for DEEP exploration, allowing you to track the depth of your travel experiences.

The DEEP listing is also available in our Master Ranking.


DEEP ratio above 5 is also added to our new updated Milestones

Why DEEP Matters

DEEP encourages you to delve deeper in every destination you visit. It’s not merely about ticking countries off your list; it’s about deeply engaging with the culture, geography, and unique character of each region within those countries. When comparing maps from two UN Masters, one with a DEEP score of 1.5 and another at 6.7, the difference is striking. The higher the DEEP score, the more comprehensive the exploration of the country.

UN Master with DEEP score 1.5

UN Master with DEEP score 6.7

Eligibility for DEEP

To ensure that the DEEP score is representative and meaningful, you need to have travelled to a minimum of 30 countries to qualify. This ensures that your DEEP score truly reflects a blend of broad and in-depth travel experiences!


We believe DEEP will redefine how we perceive and undertake travel. It’s not just about where you’ve been, but how deeply you’ve connected with each place! Let’s transform the way we travel, making every journey a DEEPly personal and profoundly enriching experience!