Introducing the Supreme Verification of Travel Records

16 May, 2023 | Blog, Features

From the beginning of its existence, NomadMania has positioned itself as a community which is serious about travel, and for this reason verification was initiated as early as 2014. Verification ensures that a traveller’s claims are real by checking that a traveller has truly visited a country or region that is claimed.

Since 2014, more than 200 travellers have been verified by Thomas Buechler, always free of charge. Verification, up to now, has been conducted in two steps:

  • UN Verification: Checking countries visited, where a sample of 20 UN countries claimed is given for a traveller to prove and;
  • NomadMania1301 Verification: Checking NomadMania regions visited, where a sample of 60 regions claimed is given for a traveller to prove.

Read full detail about verification here.

Many different types of proof are accepted depending on the circumstances (age of traveller, decade when travelled etc.). Following successful verification, an online badge is given to a traveller which is visible on his profile.

This process is costly in terms of time and resources, but is also far from ‘bulletproof’. Some verifications are now almost 10 years old, and they have not been followed up, while the fact that only samples of countries are checked implies there is always room for error or misinterpretation.

We believe that an enhanced, further type of verification, which we will call ‘Supreme Verification’ can do three important things:

  1. Safeguard and guarantee the NomadMania name;
  2. Generate some donations by enthusiastic members;
  3. Ensure dynamic, ongoing and up-to-date certification of traveller claims.

The Process of Supreme Verification

The Supreme Verification will ask a traveller who has already been verified, and has travelled to at least 600 NomadMania regions visited to prove BOTH of: 25 UN countries and 40 NomadMania regions (compared to 20 UN countries for the first stage UN verification and 60 NomadMania regions for the first stage regional verification).

Countries and regions will not be random; rather, traditionally ‘problematic’ places – North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Trans-siberian zones etc. – will be emphasized to ensure that these have been covered.

The specially designed badge will be awarded at the end of successfully passing this verification, which will need to be at no less than 95% of the total asked.

Countries and regions that cannot be proved even with oral/memory proof or which have been claimed based on a visit standard not accepted by NomadMania as satisfying a minimum visit, will need to be deleted. In that event, they will be replaced by further countries/regions, until the total of 25/40 has been achieved.

Supreme verification will be repeated every year following successful completion, with a further 5 UN countries and 5 NomadMania regions requested. Following 11 months, a follow-up supreme verification will be done. If this follow-up is not completed within 14 months of the original verification, the badge will be rescinded.

Supreme verification will only be possible for those who already have the first badges – both UN and regional. Once supreme verification is passed, the other badges will be replaced by the supreme one. At least a year needs to have passed from the last first-level verification until a supreme verification is requested.

Supreme verification will mainly be voluntary. Applicants will be requested to either make a minimum donation of $300 to NomadMania, or help NomadMania with one of its projects. However, NomadMania can require Supreme verifications from any member, even a member who hasn’t passed first level regional verification (but has passed UN verification), if there is reason to believe that this is necessary for the credibility of NomadMania.

Ultimate Aims

  • To ensure that our verification process is seen as reliable, up to date and correct, by furthering the existing verification to a higher level;
  • To offer our members a way to showcase themselves with a harder and less common badge that gives them a distinction from others and offers them ‘bulletproof’ credibility;
  • To avoid taking back or cancelling existing first-level verifications when errors are discovered;
  • To create further awareness about NomadMania verification in general;
  • To create value for NomadMania by focusing resources in an activity which is a win for the traveller and for NomadMania.

Apply for Supreme Verification

If you’re eligible to these requirements and wish to go through the supreme verification process, please, CONTACT US and choose verification topic in the form.

Our Verification Committee will tale care of you, we promise! Verification is never meant to be intimidating, instead it is a celebration of your travels!


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