Mental Health Poll

04 April, 2023 | Polls

Overall, you prefer to travel

Which of the following apply to you in terms of your online presence (tick all that apply)

Overall, when you travel you are more interested in (if in doubt, make a choice!):

How important is it for you to have a purpose when travelling?

Overall, has travel impacted your personal growth?

Please respond to the following statement. ‘Travel makes me lonely.’

Do you feel stressed when travelling?

Overall, do you feel pressure to meet travel goals?

Have you ever cancelled a trip or cut one short due to mental exhaustion?

Overall, which of the following BEST descibes your feelings toward travel nowadays? (please relate to your current situation rather than the past and choose the ONE that best describes your feelings at this period of time).

Overall, how has travelling affected your personal relationships to people close to you? We are thinking of people very close to you, such as close family and very good friends.

Overall, how often do you feel that you want to ‘quit’ being a traveller?


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