NomadMania at the Bansko Nomad Fest

29 June, 2024 | Blog, Events

Recently NomadMania participated at the Bansko Nomad Fest in Bulgaria which is a major annual event bringing together digital nomads, online entrepreneurs and travel industry leaders.


Our founder, Harry Mitsidis, and managing partner, Orest Zub, were both giving a talk there.

Harry delivered a meaningful keynote speech on people and perspectives regarding visiting every country in the world, while Orest shared his practical experience on combining work and travel as a digital nomad.


They also had a chance to talk about our recent app developments, take part in a documentary set about digital nomads and conduct a casual meeting for our users.


Bansko is situated at the foothills of the Pirin mountains belonging to the national park with the same name which is also a UNESCO heritage place. So, guys simply could not resist a beautiful hike on the altitude over 2000 meters above the sea level expanding on their Series list.