NomadMania is and always will remain free of charge, so any contributions are always voluntary.
NomadMania is registered in Greece as a non-profit organisation since October 2019. We do not aim for profit, but neither do we have the means to endlessly fund our operations – this is where we need your help!

Your donations will serve two aims: a part will go toward the continued development of our project (marketing activities, salaries, events etc.) and a part will go to our Scholarship Fund – aiming to give travel experiences to those who don’t have the ability to travel.

Here are the ways you can help us grow


NomadMania has opted for Patreon to launch our mentorships. Through Patreon, you can contribute to our mission monthly by becoming an exclusive NomadMania Mentor. You can choose between three different Mentorship levels based on the amount you would like to donate – each level leads to certain benefits. This way we are giving back to you in return for your generosity!

Nomad Mentor

Nomad Mentor


As a Nomad Mentor, you are getting the following:

  • Mentor-only posts and messages (access to our exclusive Patreon feed of travel images and stories)
  • Priority proposals for developing Series (we will prioritize your proposals for new Series items in existing categories on NomadMania)
  • Special ‘mentorship’ badge on your NomadMania online profile (you will get a badge on your profile and on Masters List)
  • Access to Harry Mitsidis (our Founder) personal Instagram page
  • 30-minute one-to-one call with one of our Ministers or associates about travel every 3 months (first time during the second month of mentorship)
Endless exploring Mentor

Endless exploring Mentor


By starting this mentorship, you are getting the following benefits:

  • All of the Nomad Mentor benefits
  • 50% of your donation goes to funding our non-profit (NomadMania AMKE)
  • 30-minute call with Harry Mitsidis, our Founder, about travel (after 3 months of sponsorship and thereafter every 3 months)
  • Signed copy of Harry’s book “The Curious Case of William Baekeland” sent to your address (after 3 months of your mentorship)
NomadManiac Mentor

NomadManiac Mentor


By becoming a NomadManiac Mentor, you are getting the following:

  • All of the previous benefits
  • 70% of your donation goes to funding our non-profit (NomadMania AMKE)
  • Special ‘high mentorship’ members only NomadMania T-shirt and tote bag (after 3 months of sponsorship)
  • Interview in our newsletter (after 3 months of sponsorship)

Paypal and Bank account

You can also send your donations to NomadMania through Paypal. Just click the button below:

We would prefer it if you made a direct transfer though, directly to our bank account. Please use the following details.

Bank account: GR39 0172 0290 0050 2909 7881 126
Bank name: Piraeus Bank
Beneficiary address: Antinoros 19, Athens 11634, Greece

Please remember to add as a reference: NomadMania donations.

Thank you so much!