Advice from Digital Nomads on how to become one

08 April, 2024 | Blog

Digital nomadism is a hot trend among a global travel community. According to wikipedia

.. digitals nomads are people who travel freely while working remotely using technology and the internet. Such people generally have minimal material possessions and work remotely in temporary housing, hotels, cafes, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles, using Wi-Fi, smartphones or mobile hotspots to access the Internet.

The majority of digital nomads describe themselves as programmers, content creators, designers, or developers. Some digital nomads are perpetual travelers, while others only maintain the lifestyle for a short period of time. While some nomads travel through multiple countries, others remain in one area, and some may choose to travel while living in a vehicle.

We believe there are quite a few digital nomads among NomadMania members and would like to research this topic more. Therefore, to start, we are asking our existing digital nomads members to give elaborated advice to others on How to become a Digital Nomad.

Please, write your answer here… Thanks.


Digital Nomad Survey
Are you a Digital Nomad?
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Further materials will be prepared by our team during April which is our Digital Nomad month.

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