Atlantium: Inside the World of Micronations

17 October, 2023 | Blog, Interviews

Imagine the thrill of establishing your own nation in your parents’ backyard, driven by a vision to improve the globe. That’s exactly the story behind the Empire of Atlantium’s birth. In a world fragmented by territorial lines, Atlantium sets itself apart as a global sovereign entity, vesting power in its citizens instead of territorial dominance.

We had the honor of speaking with His Imperial Majesty Georgivs II of Atlantium, diving into his remarkable venture of founding a micronation that challenges traditional governance. Embark with us on a journey through Atlantium’s unique story, its defining principles, and the enthralling experiences it provides for travelers and enthusiasts.



His Imperial Majesty Georgivs II of Atlantium waving the Atlantium flag.

The Formation of The Empire of Atlantium

How did The Empire of Atlantium come into existence?

Atlantium was founded in response to the world as it existed in the final decade of the end of the Cold War. It was intended as an example of how a progressive, globally-focussed state could and should function in a bi-axial, confrontational world, and as an example of how a future global government might conceivably look.



What inspired you to establish your own Micronation?

At the time Atlantium was conceived, the founders had no awareness of the broader micronation phenomenon; we thought we were the first people to ever have the idea of starting a new country in a corner of our parent’s backyard. We were inspired to create Atlantium by the overarching desire to make the world a slightly better place than we found it.

What is the unique governance structure or ideology that sets The Empire of Atlantium apart?

Atlantium is a global primarily non-territorial entity, in which sovereignty is vested in and based upon its citizens, rather than on the exercise of exclusive territorial imperium, which is the case for all territorial states that exist in the world today.


His Imperial Majesty Georgivs II of Atlantium


Visiting The Empire of Atlantium

How does one become a citizen or partake in The Empire of Atlantium’s activities?

Anyone can apply to become a citizen of Atlantium by submitting an online application and paying a USD $25 processing fee. All applicants are approved, so long as the data submitted with the application is deemed to be valid, and the application is deemed not to be vexatious or frivolous.

Do you have any landmarks or attractions that you think would be interesting for NomadMania’s travel-savvy audience?

Atlantium exercises control over a 0.76 sq kilometre (196 acre) territory located in a rural locality about 4 hours drive southwest of Sydney, in Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales. This is known as the Province of Aurora. It is a largely forested area with a number of open fields, so native Australian wildlife is common. This includes kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, various lizard and parrot species, as well as our national animal, the Wedge-Tailed Eagle. In addition to the attractions of the natural landscape we have a number of facilities and monuments for people to visit, including our Government House, the Domus Aurea (the Golden House), a General Post Office, the only pyramid on the Australian continent – the 4m tall Pyramid of the Dawn, and several Roman-style commemorative columns.


Atlantium is the only micro-nation in Australia

Fun Facts

Any fun facts you’d like to share about the Empire of Atlantium?

Although it is an Empire (ie a polity that embraces people from many different cultures and nationalities), Atlantium is actually a “crowned republic”, and the current Emperor is a strong supporter of republican (rather than monarchist) governance principles. Atlantium is sometimes described as an “imperial republic” or an “imperial commonwealth” for this reason. The Emperor is elected from amongst a group of small group of Nobles who are appointed to their positions for performing notable acts on behalf of the state. The Atlantian monarchy is similar in many ways to that of the Vatican – except that the imperial electors are not exclusively old men in red dresses.


Atlantium's ceremonial pyramid – Australia's only walk-in pyramid.


Ultimately, the Empire of Atlantium stands out as a beacon of limitless imagination and steadfast resolve, proving the extraordinary potential we all have to defy norms and forge something truly unique. Echoing the spirit of the Republic of Molossia, Atlantium embodies the infinite power of human creativity and our remarkable capacity to craft new worlds, even in the most unexpected places.

As we conclude our journey through the realm of micronations, we warmly thank the founders of Atlantium for allowing us a peek into their remarkable voyage. Their dedication to bettering the world via innovation and teamwork sets an inspiring precedent for all. We look forward with great anticipation to the unfolding chapters of Atlantium’s tale, confident that its imagination will remain unbridled and its creative spirit ever vibrant.

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