Micronations Poll Results

30 October, 2023 | Blog, Polls

Micronations—those quirky, self-proclaimed territories—often remain hidden from the limelight. They’re like hidden gems with their unique tales and traditions. This October, at NomadMania, we turned our spotlight onto these intriguing entities. At the beginning of the month, we launched a poll to gauge your perceptions and knowledge about them.

Now, as the month draws to a close, let’s delve into what you all shared, and see what these results reveal.


1. Micronation Visits

A significant 60.1% have visited a micronation, which indicates a notable interest or curiosity about these unique territories.


2. Micronation Citizenship

Very few participants (6.9%) claim citizenship or hold a title from a micronation, suggesting that while many visit, few take the step of deeper association.


3. Micronation Recognitions

The majority (67.5%) don’t consider micronations as “visited countries,” implying a distinction between recognized states and micronations in the minds of most travelers.


4. NomadMania’s Main List

66% feel micronations shouldn’t be on NomadMania’s main region list, emphasizing the main list’s perceived exclusivity to recognized states.


5. NomadMania’s DARE List

There’s strong support (83.7%) for including micronations in NomadMania’s DARE list, underlining their quirky and unique nature.


6. Creating a Micronation

While 84.7% wouldn’t think of establishing their micronation, there’s still a 15.3% minority that’s intrigued by the idea.


7. International Forums

71.4% don’t believe micronations should have representation in international forums, indicating a perceived difference in diplomatic standing between them and recognized states.


8. Micronation Events

A good number (64.5%) are open to attending events hosted by micronations, showcasing an interest in cultural immersion.


9. Global Diversity

Most participants (63.5%) feel micronations add positively to global diversity, recognizing their unique value.


10. Micronation Tours

58.6% express interest in travel tours covering multiple micronations, highlighting the adventurous spirit of the participants.


The poll results paint a clear picture: while many might not view micronations with the same weight as recognized countries, there’s undeniable interest in their distinct character and contribution to global diversity. Whether it’s visiting them or acknowledging their special place in the world, it’s evident that micronations have carved a niche in the hearts of many.

They might be small in size, but their impact on the world of travel and exploration is certainly significant.

Let’s keep exploring and unearthing more such fascinating facets of our world!

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