Taiwan – North and East (Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Hualien, Changhua)

What to do here
 Sights (Temporarily Reinstated)
  • Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
  • Jiufen
  • Lalashan Forest Reserve
  • Lungshan Temple of Manka, Taipei
  • National Palace Museum
  • Rainbow Family Village, Nantun District
  • Taiwan Night Markets
  • Tamsui
  • Taroko Gorge
  • Window on China Theme Park
 World Capitals
  • Taipei
  • Taiwan (sea border/port)
  • Extreme northeast (Gongliao district)
 Cities of Asia and Oceania
  • Changhua
  • Hsin Chu/Zhubei/Toufen
  • Hualien
  • Miaoli
  • Taipei/New Taipei/Keelung
  • Taoyuan
  • Yilan
  • Yuanlin
 Villages and Small Towns
  • Dasi
  • Lukang
 World Cities and Popular Towns
  • Hsin Chu/Zhubei/Toufen
  • Taipei/New Taipei/Keelung
  • Taoyuan
  • Hualien (HUN)
  • Taichung (RMQ)
  • Taipei - Songshan (TSA)
  • Taipei - Taoyuan (TPE)
 Railway, Metro, Funiculars, Cable Cars
  • Maokong Gondola
  • New Taipei: Danhai Light Rail
  • Taichung MRT (opening early 2018)
  • Taipei Metro
  • Taipei Station
  • Taiwan Intercity Railway Experience
  • Taoyuan Metro
  • Hsinchu: Image Museum
  • Hsinchu: Municipal Glass Art Museum
  • Hualien County: Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum
  • Keelung: Museum of History
  • Keelung: Yangming Oceanic Culture and Art Museum
  • Miaoli: Taiwan Oil Field Exhibition Hall
  • Taichung: Asia Museum of Modern Art
  • Taichung: English and Art Museum
  • Taichung: Lukang Folk Arts Museum
  • Taichung: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
  • Taipei: Evergreen Maritime Museum
  • Taipei: Miniatures Museum of Taiwan
  • Taipei: Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Taipei: Museum of World Religions
  • Taipei: National Palace Museum
  • Taipei: National Taiwan Museum
  • Taipei: Republic of China Armed Forces Museum
  • Taipei: Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines
  • Taipei: Suho Memorial Paper Museum
  • Taipei: Taipei Astronomical Museum
  • Taipei: Taipei Fine Arts Museum
  • Taipei: Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum
  • Taoyuan: Taiwan High Speed Rail Museum
  • Tongluo Township: Miaoli Park
 Castles, Palaces, Forts
  • Tamsui: Fort San Domingo
 Religious Temples
  • Sanzhi: Dingshan Shell Temple
  • Taichung: Dajia Mazu Temple
  • Taipei City: Songshan Ciyou Temple
  • Taipei: Bishan Temple
  • Taipei: Dalongdong Bao’an Temple
  • Taipei: Hsing Tian Kong
  • Taipei: Immaculate Conception Cathedral
  • Taipei: Longshan Temple
  • Taipei: Nung Chan Monastery
  • Taipei: Qingshan Temple
  • Taroko Gorge: Chaungchun Temple
 Modern Architecture Buildings
  • Taipei: TAIPEI 101
 World of Nature
  • Lalashan Forest Reserve
  • Shei-Pa
  • Shilin
  • Taroko
  • Yangmingshan
  • Hohaiyan Rock Festival
  • Pingxi Lantern Festival
  • Springwave Music & Art Festival
  • Taichung City Mazu International Festival
  • Chinese New Year
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Taste beef noodle soup
  • Beipu: Green World Ecological Farm
  • Hsinchu: Hsinchu Zoo
  • Taipei: Taipei Zoo
 Botanical Gardens
  • Gaofeng Botanical Garden
  • Jinche Orchid Park
  • Taipei: Botanical Garden
  • Yuanshan: Fushan Botanical Garden
  • Taipei: Yehliu Ocean World
  • Taipei: Taipei Astronomical Museum Planetarium
 Theme Parks
  • Sanyi: West Lake Resortopia
  • Taichung: Lihpao Land
  • Taoyuan City: Window on China Theme Park
  • Taichung: Dongshi Windmill
  • Shifen Waterfall
  • Wulai Waterfall
  • Xinliao Waterfall
 Malls/Department Stores
  • Taipei: Eslite Spectrum Songyan
  • Taichung: Tunghai Night Market
  • Taipei: Guanghua Market
  • Taipei: Raohe Street Night Market
  • Taipei: Shilin Night Market
  • Cihu Memorial Sculpture Park statues
  • Taipei: Statue of Lin Sen
 Pedestrian Bridges
  • Nantou: Glass-bottom bridge
 Maritime/Ship Museums
  • New Taipei: Tamkang University Maritime Museum
  • Taipei: Evergreen Maritime Museum
 Open-Air Museums
  • New Taipei: Ju Ming Museum
  • Taichung: 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan
 Railway Museums
  • Miaoli: Miaoli Railway Museum
  • Taoyuan: Taiwan High Speed Rail Museum
  • Taichung: Rainbow Family Village
  • Taichung: Taiwan Balloon Museum
  • Taipei: Modern Toilet Restaurant
228 Memorial - Taipei
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial
Taipei - An Overview
Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan
Hsinchu Science Park & Taiwanese family
Beitou Hot Springs- Taiwan