Korea, South – Seoul National Capital Area (Seoul, Incheon)

What to do here
 World Heritage Sites
  • Changdeokgung Palace Complex
  • Jongmyo Shrine
  • Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty
 Tentative WHS
  • Seoul City Wall (23/11/2012)
 Sights (Temporarily Reinstated)
  • Gyeongbokgung
  • Myeong-Dong
  • War Memorial of Korea
 World Capitals
  • Seoul
  • Ganghwado
  • Yeongjongdo
  • South Korea (sea border/port)
 Cities of Asia and Oceania
  • Incheon
  • Sejong
  • Seoul metropolitan area
 World Cities and Popular Towns
  • Incheon
  • Seoul metropolitan area
  • Seoul - Gimpo (GMP)
  • Seoul - Incheon (ICN)
 Railway, Metro, Funiculars, Cable Cars
  • DMZ Train
  • Incheon Airport Maglev
  • Incheon/Seoul Metro
  • KTX (Seoul-Busan)
  • Namsan Cable Car
  • Seoul Station
  • South Korea Intercity Railway Experience (not KTX)
  • Incheon: Jajangmyeon Museum
  • Incheon: Sudoguksan Museum of Housing and Living
  • Seoul: Bank of Korea Museum
  • Seoul: Culture Station Seoul 284
  • Seoul: Daelim Museum
  • Seoul: Kimchikan Museum
  • Seoul: Korea Furniture Museum
  • Seoul: Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
  • Seoul: Museum of Agriculture
  • Seoul: Museum of Art
  • Seoul: Museum of Korean Buddhist Art
  • Seoul: Museum of Photography
  • Seoul: National Folk Museum of Korea
  • Seoul: National Museum of Korea
  • Seoul: National Museum of Korean Contemporary History
  • Seoul: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Seoul: Seodaemun Museum of Natural History
  • Seoul: Seoul Museum of History
  • Seoul: Total Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Seoul: Whanki Museum
 Castles, Palaces, Forts
  • Seoul: Changdeokgung
  • Seoul: Changgyeong
  • Seoul: Deoksugung
  • Seoul: Gyeongbokgung
 Religious Temples
  • Incheon: Dapdong Cathedral
  • Seoul: Bongeunsa Temple
  • Seoul: Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin and St Nicholas
  • Seoul: Jongmyo Shrine
  • Seoul: Myeong-dong Cathedral
  • Seoul: St. Nicholas Cathedral
  • Seoul: Yoido Full Gospel Church
 Modern Architecture Buildings
  • Seoul: Lotte World Tower
  • Seoul: N Seoul Tower
  • Jongmyo Daeje, Seoul
  • Lotus Lantern Festival & Buddha's Birthday, Seoul
  • Pentaport Rock Festival, Incheon
  • Seoul International Fireworks Festival, Seoul
  • Seoul Lantern Festival
  • Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Bodhi Day
  • Chuseok (Mid-Autumn Festival)
  • Drink makgeolli (rice wine) with locals
  • Experience Pungmul
  • Gimjang (learn to prepare kimchi)
  • Jultagi
  • Pansori performance
  • Taste Ddukbokkie
  • Taste Kimchi
  • Taste pig intestine (Gopchang)
  • Yeongsanjae
 Entertainment/Things to do
  • Mudaeruk, Seoul
  • Myeongdong NANTA Theatre, Seoul
  • National Gugak Center, Seoul
  • Seoul: Aquaplanet 63
  • Seoul: COEX Aquarium
 Theme Parks
  • Seoul: Lotte World
  • Seoul: Poopoo Land
  • Ongjin County: Budo Lighthouse
 Malls/Department Stores
  • Seoul: Dongdaemun Shopping Complex
  • Seoul: Lotte World Mall
  • Seoul: Starfield Coex
  • Incheon: Sinpo International Market
  • Seoul Folk Flea Market
  • Seoul: Bangsan Market
  • Seoul: Dongdaemun Market
  • Seoul: Gwangjang Market
  • Seoul: Noryangjin Fish Market
  • Incheon: MacArthur Statue
  • Seoul: Admiral Yi Sunshin statue
  • Seoul: Statue of King Sejong
 Pedestrian Bridges
  • Seoul: Geumcheongyo Bridge
 Maritime/Ship Museums
  • Seoul: ROKS Dolgorae (SSM-051)
  • Seoul: ROKS PKM-285
  • Seoul: ROKS Seoul
 Open-Air Museums
  • Yongin: Minsok village
 The Dark Side
  • Seodaemun: Seodaemun Prison History Hall
  • Seoul: War Memorial of Korea
  • Seoul: Illustrated Café
"A City With Seoul"
Gwanghwamun Palace
Korea, South
S(e)oul Food
Seoul, South Korea