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Kazakhstan – Kyzylorda (Baykonur)

What to do here
 Tentative WHS
  • Petroglyph Site of Sauyskandyk (XVIII BC – III AD) (10/06/2016)
  • Silk Road (03/05/2012)
 Sights (Temporarily Reinstated)
  • Baikonur Cosmodrome
  • Kok-Aral Dam and Zhalanash ship cemetery
  • Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan
  • Baykonur spaceport area
  • Kazakhstan former Aral Lake areas
 Cities of Asia and Oceania
  • Kyzylorda
  • Kyzylorda (KZO)
 Railway, Metro, Funiculars, Cable Cars
  • Kazakhstan Intercity Railway Experience
  • Kyzylorda: Kyzylorda Regional Museum
 National Parks
  • Barsakelmes Nature Reserve
  • Independence Day
  • Play/hear dombra
  • Sleeping in a yurt
  • Taste Besbarmak
Best cafe in town - Braunis
Syrdarya at Kyzylorda
Rusting ship on shores of the Aral Sea
Rocket along Baikonur's main street
Baykonur from the distance
Rusting equipment in Aralsk
Last remains of Lake Aral
Road to Lake Aral