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Albania – North (Tirana, Durrës, Shkodër)

What to do here
 Tentative WHS
  • Castle of Bashtova
  • L'amphithéâtre de Durres (11/10/1996)
 Sights (Temporarily Reinstated)
  • Bunkers
  • Lake Koman
  • Skanderberg square
  • Theth National Park
 World Capitals
  • Tirana
  • Albania (sea border/port/lake)
  • Albania-Kosovo
  • Albania-Macedonia
  • Albania-Montenegro
  • Cape of Rodon Peninsula/Shetaj village
  • Extreme North (Vermosh village area)
  • Velipojë area
 European Cities
  • Durrës
  • Shkodër
  • Tirana
 Villages and Small Towns
  • Theth
 World Cities
  • Durrës
  • Tirana
  • Tirana (TIA)
 Railway, Metro, Funiculars, Cable Cars
  • Albania Railway Experience
  • Dajti Ekspres Cable Car
  • Durres: Durres Archaeological Museum
  • Kavajë: Ethnographic museum
  • Kruje: Skanderbeg Museum
  • Shkodër: History Museum
  • Shkodër: National Museum of Photography (Marubi)
  • Tirana: Mezuraj Museum
  • Tirana: National Archaeological Museum
  • Tirana: National Gallery of Art
  • Tirana: National Historical Museum
 Castles, Palaces, Forts
  • Krujë: Krujë Castle
  • Petrelë: Petrelë Castle
  • Prezë: Prezë Castle
  • Shkodër: Rozafa Castle
 Religious Temples
  • Durrës: Fatih Mosque
  • Shkodër: Shkodër Cathedral
  • Tirana: Et'hem Bey Mosque
  • Tirana: Katedralja Ngjallja e Krishtit (Resurrection Cathedral)
  • Tirana: St. Paul's Cathedral
 Modern Architecture: Buildings and Monuments
  • George W. Bush Statue, Fushe Kruje
  • Skanderberg Monument, Tirana
 National Parks
  • Theth
  • Vallbone Valley
  • Dita e Verës (Summer Festival)
  • International Festival of Modern and Contemporary Dance
  • Tirana International Film Festival
  • Taste Boza
  • Taste Tave Kosi
 Entertainment/Things to do
  • National Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Albania
  • Tirana: Tirana Zoo
 The Dark Side
  • Bunkers
  • Tirana: Bunk'art 1 and Bunk'art 2
  • Tirana: House of Leaves
 Botanical Gardens
  • Tirana: Botanical Gardens of Tirana
A spash of colour in a rural urbanity
Durrës - closest beach from Tirana!
First impression
Hitchhiking to Albania!
Krujë - great town for a short trip close to Tirana
Pyramid of Tirana
Tirana - why did I fel in love with this city <3
Travelling from Tirana is an adventure!
Tirana Airport
2017 Skenderbej Square, 10th floor view, Tirane Int Hotel
Tirana snapshot