The Biggest Indian Travellers Panel

Open webinar with some of the most travelled Indians.

August 26, 2023, Saturday

  • 21:30 New Delhi
  • 17:00 London
  • 12:00 New York
  • 09:00 Los Angeles
How to Travel Sustainably


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More speakers coming soon …


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  • Welcome & Introduction: Brief overview of the webinar’s topics.
  • Guest Reception: Guests introduce themselves and their travel backgrounds.
  • Travel Narratives: Guests share travel experiences, stories, and learnings.
  • Destination Comparisons: Discussion on common international spots visited and their experiences.
  • Traveling as an Indian: Discussing the unique aspects, challenges, and preparations.
  • India’s Diversity: Opinions on different regions of India, cultures, and attractions.
  • Q&A Session: Opportunity for audience questions and shared experiences.
  • Closing Remarks: Summary of discussions and appreciation for guests and participants.

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