NomadMania is looking for a Blog Content Writer and Social Media Manager

09 June, 2023 | Blog, News

Mick Jagger, the front man of the Rolling Stones, once said: “If I would not succeed in music, I’d probably become a travel writer”. Indeed writing about travel is probably one of the most exciting jobs out there.

Recently we updated our website considerably and we are now actively developing the content part of NomadMania including: the blog, social media (instagram / facebook) and our weekly newsletter. We are therefore looking for a dedicated person who will be in charge of all of this (and more…) as part of our great team.

(Our founder, Harry Mitsidis, and partner, Orest Zub)

Below are the specifics of the position.

Job Title: Content Writer and Social Media Manager

Company: NomadMania
Location: Remote
Job Type: Part-time (negotiable)
Salary: 600 EUR per month



  • Manage content on NomadMania’s website including the blog;
  • Draft and review our weekly newsletters;
  • Work closely with the marketing director to develop and implement social media strategies that boost engagement, reach, and brand awareness across various platforms;
  • Create and curate compelling content, such as posts, stories, reels, articles, and interviews;
  • Engage and inspire the NomadMania community while emphasising the power of storytelling;
  • Source and collaborate with community members to obtain high-quality visuals and travel stories for content creation;
  • Develop and execute the media content plan, ensuring consistent posting and a balanced content mix;
  • Use basic photo and video editing tools to produce visually appealing content;
  • Monitor and analyse social media performance to make informed decisions and adjust the content strategy as needed;
  • Support the implementation of marketing collaborations, media outreach, and partnerships with other organisations in the travel industry.


Required Qualifications:

  • At least 2 years of experience in social media management and content creation, preferably within the travel industry or with a strong passion for travel;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, with the ability to craft engaging and persuasive content tailored for different platforms. Being an English native speaker or total fluency (including writing) is a MUST;
  • A proven track record of growing and engaging social media audiences, particularly on Instagram;
  • A comprehensive portfolio showcasing a variety of content types, including social media content, articles, interviews, and more;
  • In-depth understanding of social media platforms, especially Instagram, and familiarity with their algorithms, tools, and trends.
  • Experience writing articles, blog posts, and conducting interviews;
  • Basic knowledge of photo and video editing tools;
  • Extensive experience with Canva or Figma is a significant plus;
  • Experience working with a WordPress platform is a significant plus;
  • Experience working with large social media accounts and international audiences is also a plus.


  1. Please start with the test task below
  2. Thereafter, fill the google form (including a link to the test task)


Test Task: Content Creation for Instagram


Objective: We’d like to see how well you can create engaging and diverse content.

Task: Your task is to create content around the theme “Exploring Hidden Gems in Travel”.


Please, create ONE FILE and add there the following:

1) Instagram Post: Create a post featuring a lesser-known travel destination or experience. Include a captivating image (either sourced or self-created) and an engaging description (50-75 words) that captures the essence of the destination or experience.

2) Instagram Reel: Create a 15-30 second Instagram reel that complements this Instagram post including visuals, audio and text elements if necessary.

3) Links to social media accounts you have run personally in the past.

4) Link to blog articles you have written personally (if any).

The file should be linked as specified in the google form below.

Evaluation Criteria: We’ll assess your submissions based on the following:

– Creativity and originality in your content ideas and presentation;
– Your ability to write engaging captions and text for different content types;
– Your understanding of various content types and formats suitable for Instagram;
– The quality of your writing, including vibrant language, spelling, and punctuation;
– Your skill in conveying information in a unique way that aligns with NomadMania’s brand identity.



Applications are closed. Thanks for your interest.

Soon we’ll announce our new team member 🙂

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