New regions

Introduction to NomadMania's 20 new regions

In NomadMania’s 2nd Conference, held in the Azores in July 2019, it was agreed that a small number of regions would be added to the NM Masterlist in order to correct some discrepancies in regions either because of country optimals being higher that the number of NM regions for that country, or because of some specific geographical features making a split needed.

This has become even more imperative with the publishing of NomadMania’s rules regarding division of regions.

NomadMania’s 5-person Executive Committee has studied many nominations and reached some conclusions which are summarised for clarity below. This results in the addition of 20 new regions to the NomadMania masterlist, bringing our total number of regions to 1301.

If you have been to any of the 15 countries listed below, please check the individual country pages where the changes are explained. It is YOU who needs to amend your profile based on where you may have been – our changes could result in either an increase or a decrease in your total count.

If you have used ‘quick enter’ (My regions), then you just tick/untick under the relevant ‘new’ region. If you have preferred Post trip (My trips) then you should go back to your list of trips and edit them by adding or deleting a particular region.

We ask for some patience in terms of Series items for the affected regions, which will be reassigned as quickly as possible.

The countries affected, in alphabetical order, are (click each name to open the relevant page):